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Download Paneurhythmy Music Notes and text preprared by Todor Papazov


Todor playing Paneurhythmy Todor Papazov

About Todor Papazov

Todor Papazov was born in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. He began playing the violin at the age of four. He first attended  Children's Music School in the town of Haskovo, Bulgaria,  then  the Music High School in Stara Zagora in the violin class of Georgi Stoychev and  continued his education at the Music Academy in Plovdiv in the violin class of Micho Dimitrov and Tatiana Krasteva. In addition to specializing in symphonic orchestration, choral and symphonic conducting, he received  several violin competition awards in Bulgaria. After graduating, Todor Papazov played the violin at the Plovdiv Opera, and later on in chamber orchestras in Bulgaria and abroad.
Since 2002 he has been living with his family in Chicago, USA. There he has been teaching music and continues  to play the violin in several orchestras such as Skokie Symphony Orchestra and the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra, and also in smaller chamber ensembles.
He has been introduced to the music and words of the Master Beinsa Douno as a child in a family of followers of the Teaching. His grandfather Todor Delchev / 1914-2007 /, and later his father Zapryan Papazov / Pancho / have headed the fraternal group in Dimitrovgrad. Many well-known musicians and performers, as well as some of the disciples during the time of the Master  Beinsa Douno have been guests at their house.
While still in Bulgaria, Todor Papazov has actively participated in the fraternal life in his native Dimitrovgrad as well as in the city of Plovdiv, where he later lived. He has regularly attended the fraternal gatherings in the towns of Aitos and Dimitrovgrad, at the Rila Summer Camp and Plovdiv.


About the Musical Arrangements

The arrangements are the fruition of many years of work to offer the music of the Master to the general public.  Also, the arrangements are accessible and simple enough to be performed even by amateur musicians.
 The main melody and tempo of each of the songs are borrowed from  the collection “Songs of the White Brotherhood”, published in 1999 by the ”White Brotherhood” Publishing House –  Sofia, Bulgaria.
The arrangements are adapted for two violins and a piano; the first violin performs the main melody, while the second one performs the second voice. Sometimes, a third and fourth violin are added into the arrangement. The piano’s role is entirely that of providing accompaniment. The chords are given their respective chord symbols, which makes it convenient to add another accompanying instrument like a guitar for instance. Even though the arrangements have been written with the above mentioned instruments in mind, they can be performed by ensembles with diverse instruments.  These simple arrangements form the bases of the orchestration of the present CD, which Todor Papazov recorded in his Chicago studio in 2010-2011.
You can download this collection of arrangements in PDF format from paneurhythmy.us.  You can copy, distribute, play and perform these for non-commercial uses.  In case you would like to publish and distribute the arrangements and the accompanying CD, you need to contact Todor Papazov who holds the copyrights for both of these. 
For this collection, as well as future musical projects of this kind, to be published, Todor  Papazov needs your kind financial support.  You can contact him with your feedback or if you would like to make a financial contribution at papazovmusic@yahoo.com.


“I would like to thank Yoanna Strateva for her recommendations and assistance in this project.
I am grateful to my family for their support.
I hope this work will be useful for all who are interested in the music of Beinsa Douno!”

Todor Papazov



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